Tennis has become a very popular over the years. The sport is now played worldwide by millions of people and the competition is getting tougher in the ATP and WTA rankings. 

So who are the best countries at producing tennis players in the Top 500 of the best players in the world?

TOPserve has tried to identify the reasons that make those countries so successful!  


So first here is a chart that shows the number of tennis players in the TOP500 (ATP & WTA):


Interesting! Can you explain why?
When you look at how tennis is organized differently in the USA, France and Russia, it is interesting to see what makes them such great tennis nations!

In the US, it is rare to see a champion coming solely out from the US Tennis Federation (USTA). Many went through one of the best privately owned academies in the world for a minimum yearly investment of 25 000 USD or played for their university. With the highest volume of players in the world (20 million out of 60 Million), the US remains the greatest champion producer in volume!

The France tennis federation (FFT) is organized with more than 300 employees and rely on its thousands of dedicated volunteers from local clubs. Future stars are identified at the age of 6 and will then go through the 6 layers of full time federal training centres up to the age of 19. All of this is mainly sponsored by the FFT (75% of its budget comes from Roland Garros) and Sport Ministry. Probably one of the cheapest countries to turn pro if you are still wondering where to go!

Find below a summary of the countries' organizations:

The different models, often inspired by local culture (public funding, private academies, local or central organizations), all show good results even though some systems might select more players based on financial income or geographical mobility. Nowadays, more and more players are crossing borders and experiencing several systems and no organization seems clearly better, which reminds us that tennis remains an individual sport where one’s best quality is determination.

*Source: La pratique du tennis- Approche géographique from V. Violette

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