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Cardio Tennis is a fun, group fitness activity featuring fast paced tennis drills and games with music and heart rate monitors providing heart pumping fitness.

The focus is fun and fitness that includes a social element for 6-8 people on the court and an emphasis as a major calorie burning activity. A class is typically 60 minutes and includes a warm-up, cardio segment, cool down and sideline activities. 

All advantages :

  • Participants are able to achieve their effective heart rate zones with ease because of the fun factor
  • You can burn more calories than singles or doubles and many other fitness options
  • Provides interval training scenario which is effective way to achieve heart health and fitness
  • It is a fun group activity where players of all ability levels enjoy tennis together
  • While you are “playing” tennis the primary focus is on getting a great workout
  • Fights the obesity crisis and offers a better fitness option for those who do not like to go to the gym

Cardio Tennis is first and foremost a fitness program. It is more about getting people moving and active and less on hitting great forehands and backhands. In Cardio Tennis the goal is to train in the zones for 30- 50 minutes in a 60 minute workout; the only way to determine this is by using a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor is the most accurate way to measure a participant’s heart rate. It will help you attain your goals whether it is weight loss, improve fitness or maintain fitness.

The best thing about Cardio Tennis is that you do not have to be good at tennis to get involved. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before.

Cardio Tennis has been called 'the third way to play tennis' and coaches who add this to their programming not only benefit their business but also give the tennis industry an attractive new vehicle to promote the benefit and lifetime sport of tennis.

Coach Loic 

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by Coach Loic 

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